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Wicked Temper


Wicked Temper was founded in March 2021 by enthusiastic young chocolatier Niall Holland.


Like many in the catering industry having spent most of 2020 on furlough he decided to spend his time creating individual chocolates & bars. Having invested his savings in chocolate, coloured coco butter and moulds Niall decided he'd better start selling his creations to enable him carry on with his creative development. Wicked Temper was born.

Having studied catering at secondary school Niall soon knew that the kitchen was where his future career would lie. Having then spent 3 years studying catering at Stamford College where he discovered is passion for all things chocolate. Having left with a NVQ level 3 in Food Preparation & Cooking. Having then carried on with his role as a assistant chef at a local Pub he decided invest further in his development and enrolled in a self funded full time course at the prestigious Ashburton Chefs Academy Devon where he was accredited  with a level 3 Diploma in Professional Patisserie. Currently holding a full time position as sous chef at the Blue Bell Glinton Niall continues to develop his chocolate creation in his spare time.

My Products


I have developed my own range of boxed chocolates and individual bars, all handmade from the finest / freshest ingredients available.

My range will be further developed over the coming months.


“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 

- Linda Grayson -

The Chocolate

High Quality Belgian Chocolate

For over a 100 years Callebaut have been perfecting their craft and making better chocolate.

To get the perfect blend beans are sourced from;

  • Ivory Coat - for intense body

  • Ghana - for fruitiness 

  • Ecuador - for bitterness 

All having 100% traceability 

After undergoing several local quality checks the beans are shipped to Belgium where further checks are carried out prior to roasting. Once roasted the beans are broken and the shells separated. The coca nibs are then ground finer & finer to obtain a liquid. Which in turn is blended with sugar and vanilla for dark, plus milk powder for milk chocolate. From this the blended mixes are further refined to create the base chocolate dough, then coached a process of continually storing the dough at a temperature of between 70 - 80˚c to remove too acidic & volatile flavours. Finally the chocolate is tempered to create stable B-crystals before being moulded into solid blocks or wallets. For further tempering by myself before creating my own products.

Callebaut have now developed plant based dairy free chocolate ranges which I shall be using in future ranges of my own.

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